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The Ugly Duckling
Uncle John's Christmas Story
Uncle Vanya
Uncommon Women and Other
Underneath The Lintel
The Underpants
The Unexpected Guest
Unforgettable: The Nat "King" Cole Story
Unhappily Ever After
A Unhappy Woman
The Uninvited
Unnecessary Farce
The Unwicked Witch
Up The Down Staircase
Up, Up, and Away
U.S. Drag
“The Unexpected Guest”
On a foggy night in Wales, a stranger walks into a house to find a murdered man and his wife standing over him with a gun. After observing her dazed condition and listening to an unconvincing confession, the unexpected guest offers to help. She accepts, and a story is concocted that blames the death on an unknown intruder. As the police investigate, clues point to a man who disappeared two years ago and a pandora’s box of love, suspicion and intrigue is opened to the damp night air.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Westfield Community Players 1/5/2002