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Regrets Only
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“Romance, Romance”
Music by Keith Herrmann
Book & Lyrics by Barry Harman
This Broadway hit is two one-act musicals that take a varied looks at romance seekers. The Little Comedy is based on a turn of the century tale about Viennese worldlings who disguise themselves for amorous adventures and instead, run into unforeseen complications-- they begin to care for each other. Summer Share is set in Long Island's chic summer spot, the Hamptons, where two married couples share a summer refuge from the busy work-a-day world of New York City. Under idyllic skies and perfect sand dunes, their relationship is threatened by the specter of infidelity.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Strand Theater Project 2/10/2006
Living Arts Repertory Theatre 11/13/1998
Westfield Community Players 4/25/1998