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Regrets Only
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“Romeo And Bernadette ”
Picture it: Verona, 1560 collides head- on with Brooklyn, 1960. Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet takes on The Sopranos. Will our dashing hero, Romeo, find his true love in this hilariously funny and melodically romantic new musical? Romeo races through the centuries on a quest for his beloved and finds her in Brooklyn in the year 1960. But her name seems to be Bernadette, not Juliet, and can it be she's the daughter of a major mob boss? Look, this thing is a laugh-a-minute riot of a musical comedy - there are wise guys, whacks, and...hey, what do we got to do, spell it out to you? Fuhged-about-it, it's not to be missed! Ba da bing, ba da boom and forsooth!

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Paper Mill Playhouse 2/19/2003