“The Cradle Will Rock” at Chalkdust Productions

“The Cradle Will Rock”
by Marc Blitzstein

The work is a "play with music" which allegorically relates a la Bertolt Brecht the advent of the labor union movement in the United States. To form a band of resistance against the organization of the unions in the fictional Steeltown USA, Mr. Mister, the wealthiest man in the community, buys the influence of the major town leaders to join his Liberty Committee. When the members of this committee are mistakenly hauled into the local nightcourt while observing a union rally, the story of each committee member’s “fall” is told in flashback. Also introduced are the local druggist whose life has been caught up in the activities and a young woman forced into prostitution by poverty.

Admission is $10 for Students and Senior Citizens, $12 General Admission.

Performed by Chalkdust Productions
At Princeton Arts Council
Performances ran
Friday, March 8, 2002 thru Friday, March 22, 2002
Larry Foreman.... Adam Fitting Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Brian A. Bara Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Jay Brancato Has Bio
Ensemble.... Jay Casale
Ensemble.... Amy Crosby Has Bio
Ensemble.... Jennifer Day
Ensemble.... Annie Howe
Ensemble.... Teresa Hui
Ensemble.... Timothy Jones
Ensemble.... Keith Sampino Has Bio
Ensemble.... Brianne Shurolt
Ensemble.... Alexandra Tobia
Ensemble.... Loreto Torres
Ensemble.... Michelle Wynn Has Bio
Directed by Theodore R. Clement
Stage Managed by Barbara Gianotto
Musical Direction by Kenneth Howard Has Bio

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