“Seussical: The Musical” at Middlesex County Plays in the Park

“Seussical: The Musical”
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Book by Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens

This musical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss. But it isn't just a string of his stories set to music. And it isn't just one of his stories. In fact, it is the creation of a new, full length musical with a story which weaves together his most famous tales and characters, creatures, places and things. "Seussical" incorporates elements from at least 15 of his books, as well as many of his best-loved and most familiar characters.

Performed by Middlesex County Plays in the Park
At Roosevelt Park - Stephen J. Capestro Theater
Performances ran
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 thru Saturday, July 29, 2006
Bird Girl / Dancing Fish / Circus Acrobat / Hunch.... Rachel Yucht
Bird Girl / One Fish.... Ali Gleason
Bird Girl / Two Fish.... Tara Tagliaferro
Cheeta / Lollipop Who / Eel / Hunch.... Kristin Contrino
Gazelle / Who / Sea Horse / Circus Ballerina / Hunch.... Justine Pamiloza
General Genghis Kahn Schmitz.... Art Neill Has Bio
Gertrude McFuzz.... Kathleen Campbell Has Bio Has photo
Giraffe / Cheerleader Who / Eel / Hoop Circus Performer / Hunch.... Elizabeth Mackintosh
Gorilla / Fireman Who / Octopus / Hunter / Drum Bellied Snum / Max The Dog.... Tim Skarbek
Gorilla / Lawnmower Who / Octopus / Circus Clown.... Charlie Abouzied
Horton The Elephant.... Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Jojo.... Michael Restaino
Judge Yertle The Turtle / Baker Who / Octopus / Hunter / Juggler.... Jack Cibrian
Leopard / Tennis Who / Eel / Hoop Circus Performer / Hunch.... Marissa Judd
Lion / Baseball Who / Octopus / Cadet.... Matt Mancuso
Lion / Mother In Apron Who / Starfish / Two Heaeded Circus Creature.... Shannon Connolly
Mayzie LaBird.... Lisa Van Doren Has Bio
Mrs. Mayor.... Carol Straffi Has Bio
Parrot / Parisol Who / Sea Horse / Two Headed Circus Creature.... Amy Toporek
Sour Kangaroo.... Tenin Baba Ndanani
The Cat In The Hat.... Joe Riley
The Grinch / Alligator / Blue Fish / Tall Circus Creature.... Robert Argen
The Mayor Of Whoville.... David Christopher Has Bio Has photo
Thing 1 / Frog / Baseball Who / Dancing Fish / Cadet.... Steven Leshchanka Has Bio
Thing 2 / Frog / Wagon Who / Red Fish / Cadet .... Ben Simons
Tiger / Jumprope Who / Eel / Circus Unicyclist / Cindy Lou Who / Hunch .... Sheilla Marie Telo
Vlad Vladikoff / Snake / Fireman Who / Octopus / Cadet / Circus Juggler.... J. P. Crowley
Wickersham Brother / Dancing Fish / Cadet.... Joseph Nelan
Zebra / Fishing Who / Starfish / Circus Clown.... Joyel Crawford
Wickersham Brother / Dancing Fish / Cadet / Circus Acrobat.... Benjamin Brooks
Wickersham Brother / Dancing Fish / Cadet / Circus Acrobat.... David Pacheco Has Bio
Directed by Trent Van Doren Has Bio
Choreography by Bernadette Matten-Baron Has Bio
Produced by Gary P. Cohen Has Bio Has photo
Scenic Design by Mike D'arcy
Lighting Design by Roman Klima
Sound Design by Chris Woolley
Stage Managed by Sherri Vanderspiegel
Assistant Stage Managed by Nicole Macdonald
Musical Direction by Mark Baron