“Other People's Money” at Attic Ensemble

“Other People's Money”
by Jerry Sterner

An independent Rhode Island company looks to be worth more dean than alive, at least to Wall Street shark and corporate take-over specialist "Larry the Liquidator" Garfinkle. The financial fireworks begin when an attractive female attorney steps in to defend the company and repel the shark - with both comedic and dramtic results.

Performed by Attic Ensemble
At Barrow Mansion
Performances ran
Friday, November 10, 2000 thru Sunday, November 19, 2000
Andrew Jorgenson.... Art Delo
Bea Sullivan.... Jane Pappidas
Kate Sullivan.... Kate Skwire
Lawrence Garfinkle.... Gordon L. Wiener Has Bio
William Coles.... Ben Schiff
Directed by Paul Zeller Has Bio
Costume Design by Wanda Maragni Has Bio
Lighting Design by Diane Nigro
Sound Design by Judith Moss Has Bio
Stage Managed by Lillian Rivera Has Bio
Set Designed by Mary Ann Murphy Has Bio
Set Designed by Paul Zeller Has Bio
Properties by Monique Hoang
Properties by Joanne Smith Has Bio
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