“Abstinence” at Players (MSU)

by Lanford Wilson

A Turn -- The place is the front hall of a very chic Manhattan apartment, where the hostess, Winnie, is giving a party for one of her pet charities -- in this case, Liars Anonymous. A late arrival, who is intercepted by the worldly wise maid, Martha, is one Danna -- who claims to be both on the wagon and a very dear friend of Winnie.

Performed by Players (MSU)
At MSU - Student Center Annex
Performances began
Thursday, December 11, 1997
Danna.... Stacy Rumaker Has Bio
Joe.... Craig Klein Has Bio
Lon.... Robert J. Duane Has Bio
Martha.... Sarah Gilbert Has Bio
Winnie.... Kathleen McFadden Has Bio
Directed by Sean P. Hale Has Bio
Stage Managed by Miriam S. Lablans Has Bio