“I Do, I Do” at 4th Wall Theatre

“I Do, I Do”
Music by Harvey Schmidt
Book & Lyrics by Tom Jones

The story of a marriage is at the center of this intimate and nostalgic musical by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt, the authors of The Fantasticks. The show begins with Michael & Agnes on their wedding day and traces their life together through 50 years of wedding night jitters, raising a family, negotiating mid-life crises, quarrels & reconciliation, but in the end we know why they sing My Cup Runneth Over.

Performed by 4th Wall Theatre
At BC-Westminster Arts Center
Performances ran
Friday, January 30, 2009 thru Sunday, February 8, 2009
Ensemble.... Will Lampe
Ensemble.... Julie Waldman-Stiel
Directed by Gregory G. Allen
Choreography by Randy Accardi
Costume Design by Dan Schulz
Lighting Design by Nick Marmo
Hair Design by Janine Miscia Has Bio
Stage Managed by Martha Thalheimer
Musical Direction by Deborah Martin Has Bio
Set Designed by Bruce McCandless