“Emma's Child” at 12 Miles West Theatre Company

“Emma's Child”
by Kristine Thatcher

A couple in their 40s arranges to adopt the baby of a teenage mother until problems arise. The circumstances that follow test their relationship, and offer them the opportunity to discover in themselves a capcity for love in a way they didn't anticipate.

Performed by 12 Miles West Theatre Company
At 12 Miles West Theatre (old)
Performances ran
Monday, April 13, 1998 thru Friday, May 15, 1998
Dr. Helen Arbaugh.... Lois Goorvitz Has Bio
Emma Miller.... Bernadette Cerami Has Bio
Franny Stornant.... Debra Cerruti Has Bio
Henry Farrell.... Hank Fandel Has Bio
Jean Farrell.... Carol Kehoe Has Bio
Laurence.... Jeff Schecter Has Bio
Mary Jo.... Carol Todd Has Bio
Michelle.... Maria Ryan Has Bio
Sam Stornant.... Frank Osmers Has Bio
Tess McGarrett.... Rhonda Watson Has Bio
Vivian Rademacher.... Sharon Garry Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Jacqueline Knox Has Bio Has photo