“Seascape” at Attic Ensemble

by Edward Albee

The characters in this play are questioning whether or not to evolve. For Nancy and Charlie, a middle-aged couple, and Sarah and Leslie, two sea creatures, evolution means two different things. Nancy insists that life should be lived all the way through, even in old age, where Charlie would prefer to wait passively until the end. Sarah and Leslie are contemplating evolving out of the water and living on the dangerous but enthralling earth.

Performed by Attic Ensemble
At Barrow Mansion
Performances ran
Friday, April 23, 2004 thru Sunday, May 2, 2004
Charlie.... Art Delo
Leslie.... Terry L. Stutts Jr.
Nancy.... Janet Aspinwall Has Bio
Sarah.... Elizabeth Sheber
Directed by Paul Zeller Has Bio
Costume Design by Wanda Maragni Has Bio
Lighting Design by Paul Bennett
Sound Design by Judith Moss Has Bio
Stage Managed by Joanne Smith Has Bio
Assistant Stage Managed by Jesse Robbins
House Managed by Mary Ann Murphy Has Bio
Set Designed by Mark E. Morchel Has Bio
Properties by Joanne Smith Has Bio