“The Elephant Graveyard” at New Jersey Repertory Company

“The Elephant Graveyard”
by Jean-Paul Daumas
Translated by Phyllis Zatlin

Five elderly women in a "Sun coast" resort, find themselves shut in by rain and fear. In moods that alternate between comic and sad, and poetic and realistic, the women engage in role-playing that eventually unveils their secrets.

The Script-in-Hand New Play Series is free to the public. The program’s primary purpose is to afford the playwright the opportunity to hear his or her play, discuss it with an audience, and further develop it as needed.

Performed by New Jersey Repertory Company
At Lumia Theater
Performances ran
Sunday, December 6, 1998 thru Sunday, December 6, 1998
(Ensemble).... Meryl Harris Has Bio Has photo
(Ensemble).... Betty Hudson Has Bio Has photo
(Ensemble).... Lindy Regan Has Bio Has photo
(Ensemble).... Marilyn Roberts Has Bio Has photo
(Ensemble).... Leslie Wheeler Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Cindy Carver Has Bio Has photo