“Love Sex, & the IRS” at Insane Actors Comedy Theater

“Love Sex, & the IRS”
by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore

Tickets: Adults $15, Senior Citizens and Students are $12. All seats are $12 for the SUNDAY SHOWS.

Performed by Insane Actors Comedy Theater
At Midvale United Methodist Church
Performances ran
Friday, November 2, 2001 thru Saturday, November 17, 2001
Arnold Grunion.... Joe Cicala
Connie.... Terri Sous
Floyd Spinner.... George Kuch Has Bio
Jon Trachtman.... Joe DiBartolo
Kate Dennis.... Alena Trapp
Leslie Arthur.... Sylvain Chonigman
Mr. Jansen.... Martin Pfefferkorn
Vivian Trachtman.... Marie Cannici
Directed by Sylvain Chonigman
Assistant Directed by Martin Pfefferkorn
Produced by Sylvain Chonigman