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Dames at Sea
Dames At Sea
Damn Yankees
Dance With Me
Dancing at Lughnasa
Dangerous Corner
Dangerous Curves
Darius The Dragon
Dark At The Center
Darkness Into Light
Darlene and The Guest Lecturer
Das Barbecu
Das Prop Mistress Of Broadway
The Daughters of Lee Roi Jones
Daughters Of The Lone Star State
A Day In Hollywood/ A Night In The Ukraine
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
The Day They Shot John Lennon
The Dead Boy
Dead Certain
Dead Man Walking
Dealer's Choice
Dear America
Dear Edwina Junior
Dear Me, The Sky is Falling
Dear Ruth
Death and the Maiden
Death Defying Acts
Death of a Salesman
The Decorator
Deep Six Holiday
Defying Gravity
The Deli Man
A Delicate Balance
Design for Living
Design For Murder
Desire, Desire, Desire
The Desk Set
The Desperate Hours
Dessa Rose
Detective Story
Dial 'M' for Murder
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Dictator
Die Fledermaus
The Dining Room
The Dinner Party
Dinner With Friends
Dirty Blonde
Dirty Old Men With Guns
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Disney's Aladdin, Jr.
Disney's Beauty And The Beast
Disney's High School Musical
Disney's Alice In Wonderland Jr.
Disney's Mulan
Disney's The Little Mermaid
Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr.
Distinguished Gathering
The Divine Sister
The Diviners
Divorce Southern Style
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
Do I Hear a Waltz?
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
A Dog’S Life
A Doll's House
Don Juan
Done To Death
Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope
Don't Dress For Dinner
Don't Drink The Water
Don't Hug Me
Door to Door
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
Double Act
Double Play
Doubt: A Parable
The Doubts
Down Memory Lane
Down The Garden Path
Down The Road
Dr. Cook's Garden
Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dracula (Radio Play)
Dracula - The Journal Of Jonathan Harker
Dracula: The Musical?
The Dragon Slayer's Academy
The Drawer Boy
Driving Miss Daisy
Drop Dead
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Duck Variations
The Dueling Duo
Duets : An Evening Of Scene & Song
“Disney's Aladdin, Jr.”
DISNEY'S ALADDIN JR., brings the famous movie to life again on stage! In Agrabah, City of Enchantment, every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! Aladdin, a kind but wily street urchin, falls in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine. It just so happens that the Sultan has declared that Princess Jasmine must choose a husband within the next day. After Jasmine turns down the offers from various wealthy suitors, Aladdin and the evil Jafar duke it out for Jasmine’s love. Including all the great songs like "Arabian Nights," "Friend Like Me," and "A Whole New World," this production is for all those young at heart.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Brundage Park Playhouse 7/8/2011
Saint Genesius Players 6/2/2006