“Blithe Spirit”
by Noel Coward
The ingenious plot tells how novelist Charles Condomine invites into his placid country home an eccentric, breezy lady medium in order to learn the language of the occult. Little does Charles or his lovely second wife, Ruth, dream that the seance staged by the medium will summon back Charles' first wife, now "passed over" for seven years. The lady from beyond, still handsome, still mischievous, appears and torments Charles by reminding him of their days and nights together. But, since Charles is the only one that can see or hear her, everyone else thinks he is losing his mind. Hilariously funny, brilliant, clever and about as cockeyed as a play can be.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Main Street Theatre Company 9/13/2013
Brundage Park Playhouse 9/28/2012
Studio Players 5/20/2011
First Avenue Playhouse 10/9/2009
Monmouth Players 2/2/2008
Iron Mountain Stage Company 11/8/2002
Chatham Players 10/4/2001
Surflight Theatre 9/26/2001
East Brunswick Community Players 7/20/2001
Bickford Theater 10/18/2000
Centenary Stage Company 10/13/2000
Hunterdon Hills Playhouse 1/10/2000
First Avenue Playhouse 10/1/1999