“Don't Drink The Water”
by Woody Allen
Written in 1967, this early Woody Allen Comedy centers around an American family, the Hollanders, that takes refuge in an American Embassy in a country that lies somewhere behind the iron curtain. Between the hair-brained son of the Ambassador and the scared priest, the Hollanders have very little hope of returning home to Newark.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
First Avenue Playhouse 6/1/2019
First Avenue Playhouse 3/2/2007
Somerset Valley Players 2/13/2004
Triple Threat Foundation for the Arts 3/14/2003
CCC Theatre 10/18/2002
Corpus Christi Community Theatre 10/18/2002
Studio Players 1/18/2002
Curtain Call Players 9/14/2001
First Avenue Playhouse 5/7/1999
Monmouth Players 2/12/1999