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Alexander GRAUR

35 Grand Cove Way
Edgewater,   NJ     07020
Phone:201- 941 23 81 Fax:201- 840 0556
Email :

Sound design- underscores- orchestrations-arrangements Musical director- conductor


Anthony Di Dia

151 Attison Ave
Toms River,   NJ     08757
Phone: Fax:
Email :

Over 25 years of experience in Musical Direction, Pianist, Keyboardist & vocalist


Edward Posherstnik

Old Bridge,   NJ     08857
Phone:732-525-8571 Fax:732-525-8579
Email :

We provide graphic design, and produce posters,banners, displays, signs for theaters.


Full Effect Productions

PO BOX 345
Cliffwood,   NJ     07721
Phone:732-619-6718 Fax:
Email :

Juggling instruction, magic consultant, stage effects, Midi Music


Jason Cohen

8 Hemingway Court
Morganville,   NJ     07751
Phone:(732)-615-7089 Fax:
Email :

I am an experienced musician looking to do more work in musical theatre pit orchestras. I play piano (and keyboards), upright and electric bass. I play all three instruments in various instrumental ensembles at my high school, as well as at other gigs. I am a very experienced stage performer in musical theatre, so I understand underscoring, cues, and following the actors very well. Unlike some other pit musicians, musical theatre is my passion, and I am very familiar with the nature of it.


John Stefanick

15 Audubon Rd
Denville,   NJ     07834-1302
Phone:973-460-1183 Fax:973-627-1565
Email :

Wireless microphones, mixing desks, sound systems, room haze machines and most other theater technology. Experienced personnel to run the audio end of your show. Disc Jockey and Video Jockey services too.


Justin Ryan

407 Atlantic St.
Keyport,   NJ     07735
Phone:732-739-3783 Fax:
Email :

I know the age thing gets everyone and yes I am 18. But so far in my three years of playing piano, I have musically directed four shows, worked in the pits countless times on piano, keyboards, bass and trumpet and have also studied voice for quite some time. I am currently attending Westminster Choir College.


Keith Heimann

250 Williamsburg Drive
Shrewsbury,   NJ     07702
Phone:732 278-7988 Fax:
Email :

Professional voice teacher/coach, music director, conductor.

"Phantom of the Opera" cast member.

Juilliard graduate.

Keyboard/MIDI -- "virtual" orchestra preparation and performance.


Kevin Gunther

B14 Avon Drive
East Windsor,   NJ     08520
Phone:7328873462 Fax:
Email :

I am a trumpet player from new jersey. I have been playing trumpet professionally for 15 years in a touring rock band. I am a good sight reader and very reliable.


P.I.T. Inc..(Professional Instrumental Talent)

,   NJ    
Phone:1-800-465-BAND Fax:
Email :

Make one call and book an orchestra! Only hire the BEST of players and the right instruments for that given show book. As a Contractor/Performer I have booked hundreds upon hundreds of show pits.
Several of which have won the ACT or RECT awards under the Direction of Mr. Alan J. Meeker. Nominated BEST nine times! Winning BEST orchestra three times!

I invite the various theater companies to STOP wasting their money and make one call.
STOP hiring dead wood! I refer to "deadwood" as musicians who hold or own instruments and don't double when the book calls for clarinet, flute and sax, etc...

In addition, all of my associates are SHOW players...they have all played hundreds of shows...if one of your performers drop a line on stage...we will be with them and not have a train crash! Some musicians can be too black & white...only read the ink...no flexibility. This doesn't work in the theater, as you know, no two shows are ever the same!


Travis Fowler

Cherry Hill,   NJ     08002
Phone: Fax:
Email :

I can provide you with High quality Poster designs, playbill cover art and/or logo designs. I can also Do websites. You can go to the link provided above for some posters I did and you can also see my Rocky Horror Show Poster on www.triplethreat.net

If you want to cantact me I would love to heaR FROM YOU and help you improve your visual appeal.

Thanks, Travis


Vincent Novellino

129 Jockey Hollow Way
Union,   NJ     07083
Phone:2013969331 Fax:9086867084
Email :

Violinist for NJ/NY/PA Theater Groups