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The Shakespeare Initiative Mailing Address:
260 W. Chrystal Street,
Randolph, NJ 07869

Most productions are staged at Brundage Park Playhouse

All hail and well met!

The Shakespeare Initiative at Brundage Park Playhouse grew out of a Fundraiser production of Titus Andronicus at the theater in June of 2007.

The production was so successful a group of people involved with the show proposed that a separate company be formed at the playhouse to stage the immortal works of William Shakespeare. Amateur performers of all ages would be given the opportunity to perform some of the greatest roles in literature and audiences could experience thought-provoking classics that are as timely now as when they were written over 400 years ago. The Brundage Park Playhouse Board approved this concept on August 6, 2007.

William Shakespeare reaches to us across the ages as one of the greatest creative geniuses of all time. He had an extraordinary imagination, creative gifts and vision. Through his stories, we can explore the world we live in, see life through other people's eyes and ponder timeless moral questions and dilemmas. Shakespeare was never meant to be read. At The Shakespeare Initiative at Brundage Park Playhouse, we believe his plays should be experienced as live performance. To make the productions accessible, particularly to students, ticket prices are kept affordable without sacrificing quality. The company is a labor of love for those of us involved.

The Shakespeare Initiative performs two complete productions a year.

TSI plans to perform the complete Bard canon in the years to come.

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