Getting Listed on is a free service, open to all organizations which stage theatric productions within New Jersey. Right now, I'm underwriting the entire operation myself (with some help from advertisers), and have no plans to change that.

Since we're discovered that keeping this site updated is way too much work for one (basically lazy) person to do in his spare time, we've recently changed the site to allow actors and theater companies to update all their information themselves.

The first step is to create an account on the website for the person who'll be doing the updates. If you're an actor who wants an update to your bio, that would be you. For a theater company, that would probably be your publicity director. If that person already have an account from before, that's fine.

About your Theater:

Like the theater company details, we need to initially enter the venue information.
  • It's Name
  • It's address (including the Zip code --- I wouldn't lie to you-- We really need to know the Zip code of the theater!)
  • (optional) a brief description of the theater (may include driving directions)
  • Is it wheel-chair accessible?
  • How many does it seat?
  • If you perform shows at a number of different venues, choose one.  The location of that theater (actually its Zip code, which is why we really need to know it) determines which county the theater company is listed under on the "Find a Theater" page.  Without a "primary" venue, the theater company won't be listed there at all.

For each of your productions, we need the following information:

First of all, before we can list a show, we must have all the information to list the producing theater company, so make sure you've completed the above step.

This information should be sent in as soon as it is known, even if incomplete. (For example, the information about the play itself is probably known several weeks the casting is finalized.  The system is set up to handle as much or as little information as is available).  We can (and prefer) enter shows months before they run.  If possible, it's best to tells us your entire season before the start of it.

About the Play:

  • It's Title
  • It's Author (or Composer/Lyrist/Book etc)
  • (optional) A brief synopsis of the play (independent of your production; These will be kept on file, and used for all productions of
    the play)
  • We may already have this information, so you may want to check our "Find a Play" feature, to save yourself some typing.

About your Production:

  • List of performance dates and times.   
  • A brief description of this production.  May include such things as ticket prices.
  • Cast list (including roles played) and Production credits.

About the People:

All people listed above (playwrights, actors, crew, etc) can have a bio listing. For an entry, we need to know the following:

  • Full Name
  • Bio blurb (We have no fixed limit on the length, but please try to keep it reasonable)
  • Member of Actors' Equity?
  • (optional) "Head-shot" Photos.  Images should be approx 320x200 pixels (HxW), B&W or color.

Personal information is kept on file and reused for different shows, so it need only be provided once per person. Note: Each person gets only one bio, regardless of how many positions he holds (e.g., actor, director and playwright)

For an audition, we need the following information:

Remember that our primary focus is on the theatergoer, not the theater company or actor.  So, before we can list an audition for a show, we need to list the show itself.  So, be sure we have all the details listed above for your show when you send us the audition details (they can be sent together).  Specifically, we need to know the performance dates as well as the audition dates,  and the locations of both the audition and performances.

To list a person:

Most importantly: Do not send your acting resume!  We do not list  resumes.  We display biographies, like you would put in a show programme.  We also list past performances -- but for shows entered into our system.  If you'd like your older shows listed, you can email them in, but you must send the complete cast list so we can enter everyone at once.

  • Full Name
  • Bio blurb (We have no fixed limit on the length, but please try to keep it reasonable)
  • Member of Actors' Equity?
  • (optional) "Head-shot" Photos.  Images should  be approx 320x200 pixels (HxW), B&W or color. If you prefer, you can sent in standard photos, and we'll scan them for you

Also, a person only gets one name, so if you name changes, all your past performances will thereafter by listed with your new name.

(To publish your acting resume online, see

Where to send it?

It would greatly speed up processing if a "soft" copy of the necessary information could be send. Since all this information usually also goes into your programme, and presumably that is created using a word processor or desktop publisher, machine-readable copies should be available.

The very best method is to email it to [email protected]

The next best is to mail a PC-readable floppy disk with the information to :

18 John St, Suite 2B
Bloomfield, NJ 07003-5149

If neither of those methods is possible, send a neatly typed copy of the information by US Mail to the above address.