About NJTheater.com

NJTheater.Com is owned and maintained by James M. Curran
and is run as a free service. 

For the first 10 years of its existence it was run using a handful of "Active Server Pages" being processed by Microsoft Internet Information Server with all information being read for (initially) a Microsoft Access or (later) a Microsoft SQL Server database. HTML programming was done using Microsoft FrontPage and  Microsoft Visual InterDev. 

After 10 years, I decided to "go another way" and rewrote the whole thing using VisualC#, Castle Monorail.  and jQuery

All database, and web programming was done by James M. Curran.
The total look & design of NJTheater.com was done by Lisa Eberhart.
She also creates websites for Community Theater companies for  free,  and for other businesses for a very reasonable fee -- Note, after doing the largest part, she had to move on to actual paying jobs, and I finished it, so if something looks messed up, it's probably some part I did.
Graphics were created by Stacey Dunleavy, and James M. Curran, as well as being taken from some clip art libraries.
We would like to thank

And, in the big redesign, I used a whole bunch of open-source code, which I must acknowledge:


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