“Deathtrap” at Haddonfield Plays and Players

by Ira Levin

One of the longest running thrillers in Broadway history. A playwright suffering from extreme writer's block hatches a plot to steal a protege's script. Alternating intrigue with humor, and throwing in more than one mind-reeling plot twist, Ira Levin's masterpiece is a classic of its genre.

Performed by Haddonfield Plays and Players
At Haddonfield Plays and Players Performing Arts
Performances ran
Thursday, September 9, 2004 thru Saturday, October 2, 2004
Clifford Anderson.... John Jackowski
Helga Ten Dorp.... Vicki Glembocki
Myra Bruhl.... Joy Hubbard
Porter Milgrim.... John Burnmaster
Sidney Bruhl.... Michael C. Hicks
Directed by Nikolette Adams
Assistant Directed by Suzie Ramsdell
Fight Direction by Ed Puntin
Produced by Mia Flemming Reich
Costume Design by Patti Billow
Lighting Design by Andrew Flothmeier
Sound Design by David Reich
Stage Managed by Jennifer Staffenberg
Set Designed by Patti Billow
Set Décor by Patti Billow
Special Effects by Bob Broadbent
Properties by Denise Mitchell
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