“Goodbye Charlie” at First Avenue Playhouse

“Goodbye Charlie”
by George Axelrod

Goodbye Charlie," a farce by George Axelrod, begins at the memorial service arranged by Charlie's best friend George. Charlie had a reputation of being a demon lover, a wine connoisseur, and the possessor of a mean backhand. He met an inglorious end trying to escape an enraged husband. In fact, Charlie was a womanizer and an all-round heel. God sends Charlie back to earth in a woman's body to learn the error of his ways, and repair his wanton soul. Can George fall in love with his late, great best friend when Charlie returns to earth in the form of a curvaceous and very eligible young woman? Can Charlie learn what makes a man manly, what makes a woman womanly, and what are the pluses and minuses of marriage over friendship? Filled with great sight gags, and double entendres that come with male/female gender bending, Goodbye Charlie, provides a fun time at the theater.

Performed by First Avenue Playhouse
At First Avenue Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, June 4, 2004 thru Monday, June 28, 2004