“The Gingerbread Lady” at Bergen County Players

“The Gingerbread Lady”
by Neil Simon

The wit of Neil Simon is liberally mixed with a dose of pathos in The Gingerbread Lady, a story of lost misfits. A once popular singer who has hit the skids due to booze and sex has just sobered up at a sanitarium. Her return home to a "new life" is complicated by friends, family and a former lover, who all have problems of their own.

Performed by Bergen County Players
At Little Firehouse Theatre
Performances ran
Saturday, March 22, 2003 thru Saturday, April 12, 2003
Evy Meara.... Marilyn Pettinati
Jimmy Perry.... Bill Macchio
Lou Tanner.... Dennis Brito
Manuel.... D. Scott Adams
Polly Meara.... Shaun Ancelet
Toby Landau.... E. K. Deutsch Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Jerry Pettinati
Produced by John Maher
Costume Design by Cheryl Hartley
Costume Design by Linda Johnson
Costume Design by Shirley Spector Has Bio
Lighting Design by David Ross
Sound Design by Bud Stafford
Stage Managed by Lauren Ness
Set Designed by Linda Behrle Correll Has Bio Has photo
Light Operation by Anita Esteve
Make-up by Dorcey Winant
Properties by Linda Macchio