“Italian-American Reconciliation” at 12 Miles West Theatre Company

“Italian-American Reconciliation”
by John Patrick Shanley

Set in Little Italy, New York City, Italian-American Reconciliation is a wacky comedy in which everyone learns a little bit about men, a little bit about women and a lot about amoré! Huey Bonfigliano's ex-wife Janice made it clear that their marriage was over. She even went so far as to kill his dog. But Huey wants her back--much to the chagrin of his new girlfriend Teresa, his best friend Aldo, and most of all his ex-wife herself.

Performed by 12 Miles West Theatre Company
At 12 Miles West Theatre (old)
Performances ran
Thursday, October 26, 2000 thru Saturday, November 18, 2000
Also.... Gary Martins Has Bio
Aunt May.... Pat LaCarrubba Has Bio
Huey.... Marc Krinsky Has Bio
Janice.... Liz Zazzi Has Bio Has photo
Teresa.... Stephanie Carr Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Tim Wright Has Bio
Costume Design by Vince Berardi Has Bio
Lighting Design by Daniel Magno Has Bio
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