“A Shot in the Dark” at Westfield Community Players

“A Shot in the Dark”
by Marcel Achard
Adapted by Harry Kurnitz

This mystery with a punch line, gives us the story of a good hearted and guileless young woman hauled before the magistrate on a murder charge. She was found nude, unconscious, clutching a gun with her dead lover beside her.
With all this evidence against her, the magistrate begins to believe her story at the risk of his own career.

Performed by Westfield Community Players
At Westfield Community Playhouse
Performances ran
Saturday, January 6, 2001 thru Saturday, January 20, 2001
Antoinette Sevigne.... Sondra Ferra Has Bio
Benjamin Beaurevers.... Jim Caffrey Has Bio
Dominique Beaurevers.... Peggy E. Seymour Has Bio
Josefa Lantenay.... Mary Kate Cullinan Has Bio
LaBlache.... John Duryee Has Bio
Morestan.... Evan Blank Has Bio
Paul Sevigne.... Scott Stern Has Bio
Directed by Maurice J. Moran Has Bio
Stage Managed by Elliot Lanes Has Bio