“The Absence of a Cello” at Bergen County Players

“The Absence of a Cello”
by Ira Wallach

This refreshingly literate comedy chronicles the trials of a brilliant (but broke) scientist as he tries to enter the corporate world. With the help of friends and family, he goes to hilarious lengths to conceal his eccentricities and become an "organization man."

Friday and Saturday performances have ticket prices are $12. All Sunday shows have a ticket price of $10

Performed by Bergen County Players
At Little Firehouse Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, April 17, 1998 thru Saturday, May 9, 1998
Andrew Pilgrim.... Sheldon Stone Has Bio
Celia Pilgrim.... Karin Wander Has Bio
Emma Littlewood.... Beverly Rosenstein Has Bio
Joanna Pilgrim.... Erin K. Phillips Has Bio
Marian Jellicoe.... Linda Taub Has Bio
Otis Clifton.... Peter O'Malley Has Bio
Perry Littlewood.... Mark Krieger Has Bio Has photo
Directed by John Bryant Phillips Has Bio Has photo
Produced by Barbara Warren Has Bio
Costume Design by Carol Ciancia Has Bio
Costume Design by Jean Garver
Lighting Design by Mark Krieger Has Bio Has photo
Sound Design by Rob DeScherer Has Bio
Hair Design by Joe DeGennaro Has Bio
Stage Managed by Julie Steckler-Kopil Has Bio
Set Designed by Stephen Moldt Has Bio
Light Operation by Joe DeGennaro Has Bio
Sound Operation by Farrah McDonald Has Bio
Properties by Dee Robinson Has Bio
Publicity by Marilyn Kurland Has Bio
Photography by Steve Mintz Has Bio
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