“Sabrina Fair” at Barn Theatre

“Sabrina Fair”
by Samuel Taylor

Set on Long Island in the 1950s, the story deals with the involvement of a very rich family named Larrabee with Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of the family’s chauffeur. She is bright, well-educated, and has just returned from five years in Paris, where she has done a brilliant job as an executive in a U.S. government overseas office. She has come home to find out if she is still in love with the Larrabee’s younger son, David. The older son, Linus, a cynical, good-humored tycoon who has taken control of the family fortune, detects Sabrina’s feelings for his brother, and for his own amusement lays a trap to bring them together. It works: David falls in love with Sabrina and wants to marry her. At the same time, a rich young Frenchman who knew Sabrina in Paris turns up and asks her to marry him. Faced with this dilemma, Sabrina discovers it is really Linus she wants, and sets out to get her man.

Performed by Barn Theatre
At The Barn Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, March 24, 2000 thru Saturday, April 8, 2000
A Young Man.... Matt Heffernan
A Young Woman.... Lauren Snyder
David Larrabee.... Tom O'Connor
Fairchild.... Tom Hodge
Gretchen.... Susan Amy-Kelly
Julia Ward McKinlock.... Sandy Robertson Has Bio
Linus Larrabee, Jr..... Bill Schineller
Linus Larrabee, Sr..... Dave Villepique
Margaret.... Evelyn Gorman
Maude Larrabee.... Gale Boepple
Paul d'Argenson.... Jon Crefeld Has Bio
Sabrina Fairchild.... Karen Lewan
Directed by Don Miller