“Our Town” at Villagers Theatre

“Our Town”
by Thornton Wilder

The masterpiece of one of our greatest writers, it is considered by many to be The Great American Play. Set in a fictional New England village at the turn of the century, it is really the story of Anytown, USA at any time in our history. Filled with laughter, tears and wisdom, it depicts the true essence and beauty of Life.

Performed by Villagers Theatre
At Villagers Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, September 14, 2018 thru Sunday, September 23, 2018
Dr. Gibbs.... Carlos Alcala
Emily Webb.... Jess Kimberlin
George Gibbs.... Anthony Ferrigno
Joe Crowell.... Jason Spinrad
Mr. Webb.... Gregory Koblentz
Mrs. Gibbs.... Alison Levier
Mrs. Soames.... Samantha Ventola
Mrs. Webb.... Crystal Huau
Rebecca Webb.... Madison Elizondo
Si Crowell.... Ryan Sautner
Stage Manager.... Frank Falisi
Wally Webb.... Tyler Sautner
Directed by Corey Rubel
Assistant Directed by Evan Pelaia
Produced by Donna Kimberlin
Produced by Roz Wroblewski Has Bio

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