“Frankenstein” at South Street Players

Based on a Novel by Mary Shelley
Adapted by Christopher O'neal

An adaptation by Christopher O'Neal.

This dramatization of the Mary Shelley novel captures all the horror, mystery, and suspense that the world has come to associate with the title "Frankenstein." We see the monster come to life in the laboratory. We see his innocent curiosity as he stumbles around in his strange new world. We see him longing for friendship and affection from other creatures...especially from Dr. Frankenstein's kind and beautiful fiancee, Elizabeth. We see the world reject him and hate him simply because he is different. And we see him become a ferocious, terrifying monster because he had no other way to go. A sensitive, suspenseful, horror-filled drama for all groups.

This version adheres to the Shelley novel much more faithfully than the movie versions do. Mary Shelley's monster was intelligent, curious, and yearning for companionship. Among other things, the Frankenstein monster symbolizes the uncontrollable monster that science can become. And, of course, the monster symbolizes all the misfits in the world—the unloved, unwanted specimens of humankind. Because he does not look like the rest of us, we call him ugly and we fear him. And because we fear him, we want to destroy him. Mary Shelley gave her monster a kind and tender heart, a love for people, and a desire to be loved in return. But he was never loved, not by one single person.

The play may be performed simply or elaborately. Standard language allows it to be set in the 1800's or today. The flexibility allows each director to stage the scenes as taste and available equipment dictate.

Tickets were $22. Complimentary dessert and coffee were served.

Performed by South Street Players
At Welsey Hall
Performances ran
Friday, October 15, 2010 thru Saturday, October 30, 2010
Dr. Victor Frankenstein.... Rudy Palma
Elizabeth Lavenza.... Mally Corrigan
Felix.... Harold Austin Has Bio
Henry Clerval.... Rob Sullivan
Igor.... Howard Levy
Justine Moritz.... Nicole Mayer
Maria.... Jessie Rarig
Mother Frankenstein.... Fran Raleigh
Sara.... Nancy Viola
The Monster.... Jonathan Fortes
Willa Frankenstein.... Marie Schobel
Directed by Maggie Rogers
Produced by The South Street Players Board
Lighting Design by Ed Zyjewski
Sound Design by Ed Zyjewski
Stage Managed by Nicole Mayer
Set Designed by Maggie Rogers
Set Décor by The South Street Players Board
Properties by Bill King Has Bio Has photo
Properties by Nicole Mayer
Properties by Maggie Rogers
Properties by Felix Truex
Publicity by Harold Austin Has Bio
Publicity by Susan Ryley
Publicity by Bob Ryley
Publicity by Ed Zyjewski