“A High School Monster Musical” at Middlesex County Plays in the Park

“A High School Monster Musical”

Following up on their success with “THE RELUCTANT DRAGON”, lyricist Gary P. Cohen and composer Mark Baron are once again plunging into the world of children’s musicals. “A HIGH SCHOOL MONSTER MUSICAL” tells the tale of four rather unique but lovable high school students: the great, great grandson of the Frankenstein monster, a teenage werewolf, the great, great granddaughter of Dracula and a centuries old but still 18 mummy who are all struggling to fit in with life at high school. When they are nominated as senior class officers, the “monster squadron” must win-over the whole student body. With upbeat songs and a message of tolerance, A HS MONSTER MUSICAL” will prove to be great fun for everyone.

Performed by Middlesex County Plays in the Park
At Roosevelt Park - Stephen J. Capestro Theater
Performances ran
Saturday, October 10, 2009 thru Saturday, October 24, 2009
Boris Frankenstein, Jr..... Mike Patierno
Camilla Ligosi-Cohen.... Brooke Andrews
Cleo Patra.... Madeline Orton
Clyde.... Mike D'arcy
Ginny.... Holly Curran
Harry Talbot.... Michael Restaino
Miss Mary Shelley.... Michele Walker Crefeld Has Bio
Woolley Bully.... Christopher J. Guell Has photo