“Balm in Gilead” at Villagers Theatre

“Balm in Gilead”
by Lanford Wilson

An Off-Off-Broadway hit in 1965, Lanford Wilson's Balm in Gilead still gets a lot of play today for its portrayal of down-and-out gritsters — junkies, whores, pushers, among 20-plus characters — who fill an all-night Manhattan coffee shop with personal confessions and public confrontations. Reaching for both gravelly realism and lyric beauty, Balm in Gilead at its best can be a moving, poetic portrait of hope amid endless desperation.

Performed by Villagers Theatre
At Villagers Theatre's Black Box
Performances ran
Friday, February 4, 2000 thru Saturday, February 12, 2000
Ann.... Suzette Hoskins Has Bio
Babe.... Debbie Fell Has Bio
Bob.... Joe Zedeny Has Bio
Bonnie.... Ed Bontempo Has Bio
Darlene.... Karin Hein Has Bio
David.... Joy Salerno Has Bio
Dopey.... Christopher Rollings Has Bio
Ernesto.... Evan Robillard Has Bio
Fick.... Peter Monica Has Bio
Frank/Al.... Jim DiDomenico Has Bio
Franny.... Jeffery Woltz Has Bio
Joe.... Jonathan Wierzbicki Has Bio
John.... Greg Louis Has Bio Has photo
Judy.... Tina Lee Has Bio Has photo
Kay.... Michelle Russell Has Bio
Martin.... Tom Madigan Has Bio
Rake.... Roger Griffin Has Bio
Rust.... Stefanie Petersen Has Bio
Terry.... Melissa Lea Dennen Has Bio
Tig.... Steven Leshchanka Has Bio
Tim.... Tom Belloff Has Bio
Xavier/The Stranger.... Jon Paradise Has Bio
Directed by Nick Pelino, Jr Has Bio
Produced by Marie Fiorello Has Bio
Properties by Stephanie Youngman Has Bio
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