“The Odd Couple” at Brundage Park Playhouse

“The Odd Couple”
by Neil Simon
Performed by Brundage Park Playhouse
At Brundage Park Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, April 24, 2009 thru Saturday, May 9, 2009
Cecily Pigeon.... Laura Noesner
Felix Ungar.... J. Phillip Lesser
Gwendolyn Pigeon.... Laura Landrieu
Murray.... Jonathan Baumgartner
Oscar Madison.... Tim Murphy
Roy.... Neil Fitzpatrick Has Bio Has photo
Speed.... Nick Eriksen
Vinnie.... Brad Bolnick
Directed by Mark Carovale
Costume Design by Mark Carovale
Lighting Design by Mark Carovale
Stage Managed by Luke Kostuchik
Set Designed by Nola Young
Light Operation by Mark Carovale
Properties by Nola Young
Note: These recording are not of the productions list here, but of Broadway or Hollywood versions.