“Oz!” at Brundage Park Playhouse

by L. Frank Baum
Music & Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Adapted by Tim Kelly

The timeless WIZARD OF OZ tale adapted into a dazzling musical! Join Dorothy and Toto as they journey to the magical land of Oz and meet Baum's memorable characters: the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Woodsman, the Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda the Good Witch and the powerful Wizard of Oz. Charged with wonderful songs and thrill after thrill, you won't want to miss this For Kids By Kids production featuring children playing all the roles. An enchanted experience for all those young at heart.

Performed by Brundage Park Playhouse
At Brundage Park Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, February 6, 2009 thru Monday, February 23, 2009
Aunt Em, Crow, Poppy, Ozian.... Brittany Wetreich
Boq, Crow, Poppy, Ozian.... Alicia Vega
China Princess, Munchkin, Poppy, Ozian.... Katherine Miao
Dorothy.... Kelly Anne Kohaut
Glinda, The Good Witch.... Sydne Marrero
Guard One, Munchkin.... Matthew Finkelstein
Guard Two, Munchkin, Fighting Tree.... Brian Robinson
Lion.... Brandon Wiener
Loq, Ozian.... Robert Loeser
Munchkin One, Poppy, Ozian.... Julia Miao
Munchkin Three, Poppy, Crow, Ozian.... Alina Gilman
Munchkin Two, Winged Monkey, Ozian.... Zac Baccaro
Munchkin, Fighting Tree, Winged Monkey, Ozian.... Ethan Lynch
Munchkin, Poppy, Crow, Ozian.... Eva Rago
Munchkin, Poppy, Ozian.... Ariana Pereira
Munchkin, Poppy, Winged Monkey, Ozian.... Jackie Moldawsky
Scarecrow.... Matthew Ross
Tinman.... James Scimecca
Toq, Poppy, Ozian.... Stephanie Wright
Toto.... Melanie Claire Potter
Wicked Witch Of The West.... Kelley Guerra
Winged Monkey One, Munchkin, Ozian.... Emma Kubert
Winged Monkey Two, Munchkin, Fighting Tree.... Romana Steindler
Wizard Of Oz.... Cory Herbert
Directed by Mark Carovale
Assistant Directed by Nola Young
Choreography by Frank J. Burns Jr
Costume Design by Mark Carovale
Lighting Design by Mark Carovale
Stage Managed by Nola Young
Assistant Stage Managed by Luke Kostuchik
Musical Direction by Nola Young
Set Designed by Nola Young
Light Operation by Thomas Young
Sound Operation by Mark Carovale
Properties by Nola Young