“Deep Six Holiday” at Florham Park Players

“Deep Six Holiday”
by David Landau

When James, a pulp mystery novelist, borrows his editor's beach cottage during off season to write his great American novel (which he already has gotten an advance on) the sensuous trophy wife neighbor Julia helps him break his writer's block. As James resigns himself to writing yet another mystery, Julia's wealthy husband mysteriously dies exactly as in his story. No longer certain if he is dictating his story or if it is dictating him, James must confront the difference between lust, trust and love while grappling with whether he has the ability to write a happy ending

"Deep Six Holiday" is a comedy/mystery which played the off-off Broadway circuit and has won a number of writing awards. Local author/director and a professor of Theater at FDU, David Landau, is excited about bringing a new rewrite of the production to the local stage. Further information can be obtained by calling, 973-377-9078, or emailing [email protected]

Performed by Florham Park Players
At Ridgedale School Theater
Performances ran
Friday, January 25, 2008 thru Saturday, February 2, 2008
Detective Kane.... Joseph Prussak
James Whitman.... Daniel J. Scott Has Bio
Julia Hammet.... Tina Zonganas
Mr. Hammet.... Carter Hagaman
Sandy Hammet.... Robbie Schuller
Directed by David Landau Has Bio
Set Designed by Joe Hupcey Has Bio