“Philemon” at 4th Wall Theatre

Music & Lyrics by Harvey Schmidt & Tom Jones

This chamber musical set in the Roman city of Antioch traces the life of the clown Cockian. Having sunk to the depths of collaborating with the Romans he redeems himself (disguised as a Christian bishop from Egypt) by allowing himself to be martyred. A small cast and simple staging re-creates the concept of the mediaeval morality plays. Schmidt and Jones are the incredible team behind The Fantasticks, I Do! I Do! and 110 in the Shade.

Performed by 4th Wall Theatre
At BC-Westminster Arts Center
Performances ran
Friday, March 28, 2008 thru Saturday, March 29, 2008
Andos.... Gregg Hedler
Cockian.... Will Lampe
Commander.... Charles Riley
Kiki.... Marisa Cucuzza
Marsyas.... Tracy Espiritu
Servillus.... Todd Shumpert
The Wife.... Kathy Biehl
Directed by Bruce McCandless
Production Managed by Gregory G. Allen
Lighting Design by Gwen Ricks-Spencer
Stage Managed by Martha Thalheimer
Musical Direction by Deborah Martin Has Bio