“The Heidi Chronicles” at Brundage Park Playhouse

“The Heidi Chronicles”
by Wendy Wasserstein

The Heidi Chronicles presents a quarter-century in the life of Heidi Holland, an art historian who is part of the baby boom generation. Through a series of flashbacks including a finishing-school dance, a collegiate party for presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy, a consciousness-raising group, a feminist demonstration, a television talk show, and a power lunch, the play follows Heidi and her friends as they discover the reality behind the myth of "having it all."

Performed by Brundage Park Playhouse
At Brundage Park Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, April 28, 2006 thru Saturday, May 13, 2006
Becky/Clara/Denise/1St Woman.... Jessica Sprung
Chris Boxer/Hippie Mark/Steve/Ray/Waiter/Voiceovers.... Jeremy Lesser
Fran/Molly/Betsy/April/2Nd Woman.... Meredith Ross
Heidi Holland.... Nola Young
Jill/Debbie/Lisa/Sandra Zucker-Hall.... Laura Dowding
Peter Patrone.... Nicholas Pasquali
Scoop Rosenbaum.... Dale Monroe
Susan Johnston.... Linda Heffernan
Directed by Rich Norman Has Bio
Costume Design by Mark Carovale
Lighting Design by Jessica Gill
Stage Managed by Jeremy Lesser
Set Designed by Nola Young
Light Operation by Luke Kostuchik
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