“A Jersey Cantata” at 12 Miles West Theatre Company

“A Jersey Cantata”
by Bill Mesce, Jr

Bill Mesce Jr introduces you to the boys of Bloomfield in this endearing new comedy. Follow Billy Bones and the gang through their blue-collar world as they deal with children, love, marriage, faded dreamsloneliness, friendship and death.

Performed by 12 Miles West Theatre Company
At 12 Miles West Theatre (old)
Performances ran
Thursday, February 19, 1998 thru Saturday, March 14, 1998
Albie.... Adam Mucci Has Bio
Billy.... Paul O'Connor Has Bio
Caruso.... Gary Martins Has Bio
Daniel.... Ed Terhune Has Bio
Francis.... Gene Ciccone Has Bio
John.... Richard Biermann Has Bio
Michelle.... Linda Walsh Has Bio
Sal.... Frank McCormick Has Bio
Directed by Gary Martins Has Bio
Scenic Design by Kevin Allen Has Bio
Costume Design by Diane Devin Has Bio
Lighting Design by Shawn Robinson Has Bio
Stage Managed by Jennifer Bornstein Has Bio
Set Designed by Kathleen McDonough Has Bio