“Match” at Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre

by Stephen Belber

Tobi is a former dancer in his 60s who supports himself as a teacher and choreographer. He lives alone in Inwood (wa-a-ay upper Manhattan for those unfamiliar), where he spends his free time drinking, smoking hash, and knitting beautiful sweaters. One day, he is visited by a young married couple, Lisa and Mike, who have come, they say, to interview him for Lisa's dissertation on American Dance and the American Dance Community in the Late 1950s. During the course of the interview, which coincides with Act One, it is discovered that Lisa and Mike are here for some other purpose than their stated one. As soon as their ulterior motives are revealed, the play's outcome—surprise twists notwithstanding—is never in doubt.

Performed by Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre
At Baird Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, November 4, 2005 thru Sunday, November 20, 2005
Lisa Davis.... Laura Ekstrand Has Bio Has photo
Mike Davis.... Clark Carmichael Has Bio Has photo
Tobi Powell.... Carl N. Wallnua Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Robert Pridham Has Bio
Fight Direction by Nicole Callender
Scenic Design by Jessica Parks
Costume Design by Cherie Cunningham
Lighting Design by Gina Priano-Keyser Has Bio Has photo
Sound Design by Michael Magnifico Has Bio
Stage Managed by Mary Walker
Assistant Stage Managed by Vincent Eaton
Properties by Vincent Eaton