“Letters To The Editor” at Battery Factory Theater

“Letters To The Editor”

Culled from two centuries of actual letters to local newspapers, this is a portrait of a community written in its own words. This ingenious dovetailing of letters creates a unique, timeless mosaic of small-town America with dozens of colorful characters and conflicts, by turns banal or beautiful, outrageous or moving, comic or profound. In the days of instant e-mail and Internet relationships, there’s something old-fashioned about citizens communicating with other citizens through the smudgy, actual medium of newsprint. Here, a community reflects on wars, racism, taxes, child abuse, and some of the quirkiest and funniest subjects one can only find in the Letters to the Editor section of any newspaper

Performed by Battery Factory Theater
At Parish House Theater
Performances ran
Sunday, October 30, 2005 thru Sunday, October 30, 2005
Player.... Brendan Naranjo
Player.... Shelley Prebenda
Player.... Paula Rogoff
Player.... Tomas Ruiz
Player.... Paul Skolnick
Directed by Hap Bojsza
Directed by Hap Bojsza
Produced by Leslie Potashner
Produced by Shari Ann Quirk Has Bio
Dramaturge by Elizabeth Bojsza
Stage Managed by Pia Vanderstreet Has Bio