“Simpatico” at Circle Players

by Sam Shepard

Reunited at a time of crisis after a long estrangement, old friends and compatriots Vinnie and Carter attempt to out-think and double-cross each other in several comic and suspenseful plots. Involved in their treachery are Vinnie's offbeat girlfriend, Cecilia, Carter's wife Rosie, and Simms, the victim of an elaborate racetrack blackmail scheme perpetrated many years earlier by Vinnie, Carter and Rosie. The play examines friendship, love, betrayal, as well as role reversal and the shifting power dynamics of long-term relationships.

Performed by Circle Players
At Circle Playhouse.
Performances ran
Friday, January 6, 2006 thru Sunday, January 22, 2006
Ensemble.... Valerie Doran
Ensemble.... Sondra Ferra Has Bio
Ensemble.... Randy McCann
Ensemble.... Ray Peretti
Ensemble.... Kerri Lynn Sirkin Has Bio
Ensemble.... George Straley Has Bio
Directed by Joseph Porter Has Bio