“Rounding Third” at Villagers Theatre

“Rounding Third”
by Richard Dresser

This new comedy focuses on the tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches through an entire season, from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. Over the course of exhilarating victories, heartbreaking defeats, and interminable rain-outs, the two men battle over how to lead the team.

Performed by Villagers Theatre
At Villagers Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, February 10, 2006 thru Saturday, February 25, 2006
Don.... Jeff Maschi Has Bio
Michael.... David C. Neal
Directed by Mary Lynn Dobson
Produced by Jonathan Wierzbicki Has Bio
Assistant Produced by Tina Lee Has Bio Has photo
Scenic Design by Patty Wall
Lighting Design by Patrick Giannotto
Sound Design by Peter Riga, Jr Has Bio
Stage Managed by Paul G. Delery
Stage Managed by Bob Dumpert