“Hamlet” at Brundage Park Playhouse

by William Shakespeare
Performed by Brundage Park Playhouse
At Brundage Park Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, October 7, 2005 thru Saturday, October 22, 2005
1st Player (Player King/Ghost/Grave Digger).... Brendan Naranjo
2nd Player (Player Queen/Bernardo/Osric).... Nicholas Pasquali
3rd Player (Marcellus/Prologue/Lucianus).... Dennis Charles
Guildenstern / Butler.... Jonathan Young
Hamlet.... Christopher Young
Horatio.... Vitaliy Volpert
King Claudius.... Omar Kozarsky
Laertes.... Nicholas Rigano
Lord Polonius.... Robert Scarpone
Ophelia.... Debbie Campanali
Queen Gertrude.... Nola Young
Rosencrantz / Priest / Francisco.... Joe Guadara
Directed by Rich Norman Has Bio
Assistant Directed by Jessica Gill
Costume Design by Mark Carovale
Lighting Design by Steve Miller
Stage Managed by Jessica Gill
Set Designed by Nola Young
Properties by Nola Young
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Note: These recording are not of the productions list here, but of Broadway or Hollywood versions.