“The Senator Wore Pantyhose” at First Avenue Playhouse

“The Senator Wore Pantyhose”
by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore

If you're tired of political and religious scandals, this is your greatest revenge! Van Zandt and Milmore's comedy revolves around the falling presidential campaign of "Honest" Gabby Sandalson, a regular guy whose integrity has all but crippled his bid for the White House. Desperate for votes, his sleazeball campaign manager trumps up an implausible sex scandal which accidentally backfires on PMS club leader Reverend Johnny and his makeup-faced wife Honey Pie; an opportunistic innkeeper with a penchant for antique food; the town's wayward single girl; two escaped convicts looking for stolen loot; and newscaster Don Bother.

Performed by First Avenue Playhouse
At First Avenue Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, April 1, 2005 thru Saturday, April 30, 2005
Chauncy Quince.... John Grewen
Don (Scoop) Bother.... Michael Lapp
Honey Pie.... Sheila Matura
Nellie.... Lisa Marie
Paddy Mcmutton.... Matthew A. Walsh Has Bio
Reverend Johnny Burgermeister.... Joseph Simonelli Has Bio
Senator Gabby Sandalson.... Dan Peterson
Susan Sandalson.... Tara-Lynn Eccles Has Bio
Tom Gordon.... Dave Conover
Tony Pinella.... Sal Giacchi
Directed by Todd Aikens Has Bio Has photo
Produced by Joe Bagnole
Costume Design by Tania Joseph
Stage Managed by Todd Aikens Has Bio Has photo
Set Designed by David J. Cruse
Properties by Tania Joseph