“Watch on the Rhine” at Over The Rainbow Productions

“Watch on the Rhine”
by Lillian Hellman

An idealistic German who, with his American wife and two children, flees Hitler's Germany and finds sanctuary with his wife's family in the United States. He hopes for a respite from the dangerous work in which he has been involved, but his desire for personal safety soon comes into conflict with the deeply-held beliefs which have made him an active anti-Nazi

Performed by Over The Rainbow Productions
At Eatontown Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, February 4, 2005 thru Saturday, February 26, 2005
Anise.... Stephanie Evanovich
Babette Muller.... Lucy Mcgrath
Bodo Muller.... Ben Shutman
David Farrelly.... Patrick Carty
Fanny Farrelly.... Jessica Kaley
Joshua Muller.... William Kervick
Kurt Muller.... Gregory Hartman
Marthe De Brancovis.... Kimarie Machinga
Sara Muller.... Antje Weyman
Teck De Brancovis.... Dave Harris Has Bio
Directed by Joseph Nuccio
Directed by Michelle Nuccio
Produced by Debby Schwartz
Produced by Antje Weyman
Lighting Design by Caryn Cutrona