“Nunsense” at Saint Genesius Players

by Dan Goggins

The situation: A catastrophe has befallen the Little Sisters of Hoboken! 52 Sisters have died of botulism induced by Sister Julia Child of God’s vichyssoise! The Sisters’ fundraising efforts been mildly successful, but they’ve only raised enough cash to bury 48 of the dead, and the remaining Sisters are sitting in the convent freezer and the Jersey Board of Health is threatening to shut down the convent! So they put on a benefit show to raise the cash to thaw and bury the remaining dead nuns. It’s an enjoyable, hilarious, rollicking good time!

In Association with Stage Presence

Performed by Saint Genesius Players
At Burgdorff Cultural Center
Performances ran
Thursday, January 6, 2005 thru Sunday, January 16, 2005
Brother Howard, The Stage Manager.... Howard Fischer
Reverand Mother.... Barbi McGuire Has Bio Has photo
Sister Amnesia.... Dotti Friis Has Bio
Sister Hubert.... Tina Barone
Sister Mary Leo.... Laura Dowding
Sister Robert Anne.... Kimberly Dyane
Voice Of Sister Mary Annette.... Kirsten Rani Almeida Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Choreography by Kirsten Rani Almeida Has Bio Has photo
Produced by Scott M. Goldman
Produced by Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Produced by Jessica Pfeiffer
Dance Captain by Peter Ascolese
Dance Captain by Laura Dowding
Costume Design by Lee Pfeiffer
Lighting Design by Stefan Erwin
Sound Design by Melissa Leshchanka Has Bio
Stage Managed by Allison Baldwin
Musical Direction by Jill K. Finnerty-Carito
Conducted by Jill K. Finnerty-Carito
Technical Direction by Kenneth Guell Has Bio
Set Designed by Brianna L. Guell Has photo
Scenic Art by Brianna L. Guell Has photo
Light Operation by Aubrey Botsko
Light Operation by Stefan Erwin
Sound Operation by Melissa Leshchanka Has Bio
Sound Operation by Bill O'Donnell
Properties by Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Musician by Jill K. Finnerty-Carito
Musician by Jeff Grob
Musician by Anne Simon
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