“Rashomon” at Barn Theatre

by Fay Kanin & Michael Kanin
Based on the works by Akira Kurasawa
Performed by Barn Theatre
At The Barn Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, March 11, 2005 thru Saturday, March 26, 2005
Bandit.... Bill Purdy
Bride.... Kristen Rago
Deputy.... Tom Hodge
Husband.... Gage Andretta Has Bio
Medium.... Lauren M. Grof-Tisza Has Bio
Mother.... Elizabeth Karet
Priest.... Joseph Edkin
Wigmaker.... Hannah Hendry
Woodcutter.... Tom Morrissey
Directed by Jay Mills Has photo
Fight Direction by Joe Pisapia
Produced by Lillian Miller Has photo
Produced by Walter Nieman Has photo
Scenic Design by Ed Nicolazzo
Costume Design by Janice Schopper
Lighting Design by Todd Mills
Sound Design by Jeff Knapp Has Bio Has photo
Hair Design by Joan Agosta
Stage Managed by Mia Iacovelli Has Bio
Set Designed by Jay Mills Has photo
Set Designed by Ed Nicolazzo
Scenic Art by Ed Nicolazzo
Light Operation by Erin Wilbur
Sound Operation by Mia Iacovelli Has Bio
Make-up by Joan Agosta
Properties by Richard Witenberg