“In The Beginning” at 40 Days & 40 Nights

“In The Beginning”
Music & Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Book by David W. Hahn

Let there be laughter! The first five books of the Old Testament get a good-natured ribbing in this hysterical tribute to all of those ordinary, everyday people who didn’t make it into the Bible.

Unremarkable though they may be, these hardy Biblical bystanders somehow survive calamity after calamity in outrageous fashion, inventing some useful and practical devices along the way (including the Life Saver – the candy, that is), escaping enslavement in ancient Egypt and helping a young man named Cain find his redemption

Performed by 40 Days & 40 Nights
At Community United Methodist Church
Performances ran
Friday, June 11, 2004 thru Sunday, June 13, 2004
Aaron.... Austin Mccaffrey
Adam.... Rachman Marshall
Arielle.... Jensyn Oertel
Avi.... Kelsey Kurz
Ben.... Nicholas Williams
Debra.... Amy Duelly
Dorothy.... Diane Wirkus
Dottie.... Victoria L. Fortna
Eve.... Alix Kessler
Lydia.... Dawn Sobolewski
Mavis.... Kristin Aguero
Moshe.... Shane Mccaffrey
Mrs. Noah.... Marguerite Modero
Pheti.... David Modero
Ptapateepa.... James Brewster
Rachel.... Catrina Coffey
Romer.... Loren C. Fortna
Shamla.... Jill Palumbo
Vendor.... Drew Batich
Webster.... Christian D. Triunfo
Zeke.... Anthony Smith
Zymah.... Rev. John J. Spino
Angel.... Joyce Mccoy
Angel.... Betty Woodruff
Daughter-In-Law.... Andrea Gordon
Daughter-In-Law.... Aly Tieman
Directed by Diane Kurz
Assistant Directed by Kelsey Kurz
Choreography by Kristin Aguero
Choreography by Diane Kurz
Choreography by Marguerite Modero
Choreography by Jensyn Oertel
Choreography by Jill Palumbo
Costume Design by Anita Broderick
Costume Design by Catrina Coffey
Costume Design by Edna Delventhal
Costume Design by Diane Kurz
Costume Design by Maria Linder
Costume Design by Janet Murphy
Costume Design by Christine Oertel
Costume Design by Jesse Rineer
Costume Design by Barbara Sobolewski
Lighting Design by Maria Tucci Has Bio
Sound Design by Jesse Rineer
Stage Managed by Greg Ryan
Musical Direction by Michael Sanflippo
Set Designed by Eileen Sievers
Light Operation by Ron Allen
Make-up by Cara Digiovine
Make-up by Marguerite Modero
Make-up by Jill Palumbo
Make-up by Anthony Smith
Make-up by Barbara Sobolewski
Properties by Clem Gibeault
Properties by Diane Kurz
Properties by Marie Lindner
Properties by Eileen Sievers
Properties by Tony Smith Sr
Musician by Sal Mallimo