“And Of The Son” at Over The Rainbow Productions

“And Of The Son”
by M. Lennon Perricone

The Duquesne family is rich and powerful but even they can not buy their way out of mortality. Pierre stands by his father's hospital bed regretting a bitter argument the two had the last time they were together.

When Pierre withdraws, the dying billionaire is visited by a creation of his own mind that taunts him about the mistakes he made in relationships throughout his life.

Rutherford Duquesne realizes too late that his fatherly indifference may be directly responsible for a horrific accident committed by his son. He desperately tries to communicate this to him, but is it too late?

Performed by Over The Rainbow Productions
At Eatontown Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, February 6, 2004 thru Sunday, February 29, 2004
Bo.... Anthony Greco
Father Rick.... Ted Petrock III
Fawler Mulrae.... P J Campacci
Joan.... Victoria Elana Trerotola Has Bio
Laura Jill.... Debbie Gulbin
Pierre.... Paul Landri
Rutherford.... David Weiss
Sherwood Duquesne.... Dave Harris Has Bio
Girl Scout.... Madison Brown
Girl Scout.... Ashley Cotrona
Girl Scout.... Amanda Brooke Rothman Has Bio
Directed by Debby Schwartz
Assistant Directed by Dennis Chambers
Produced by M. Lennon Perricone Has Bio
Lighting Design by Moe Rios
Stage Managed by Jessie Vacchiano
Set Designed by M. Lennon Perricone Has Bio
Set Designed by Debby Schwartz
Costumes Coordinated by Debby Schwartz