“Christmas All Over The Place” at Alliance Repertory

“Christmas All Over The Place”
by Judith Martin

Tickets are $7.00. Grandparents ½ price.

Performed by Alliance Repertory
At Liberty Theater
Performances ran
Saturday, December 20, 2003 thru Sunday, December 21, 2003
Ginger Goode.... Suzi Ferreira
Grandma Wigglebee.... Brendan Ruppenthal
Hanna Huffenpuff.... Jessie-Marie Gill
Happy Huffenpuff.... Tracy Sonnabend
Harry Huffenpuff.... Ryan Scalera
Horace Huffenpuff.... Brad Howell
Wanda Wigglebee.... Melissa Fich
Wilbur Wigglebee.... Christian Ruppenthal
Wilma Wigglebee.... Natalie Anderson
Directed by Lilli Marques
Lighting Design by Alex Moore
Sound Design by Glen Crane
Sound Design by Elliot Lanes Has Bio
Sound Design by Rich Sibello Has Bio
Light Operation by Mike Badalamanti