“Pirates of Penzance” at Battery Factory Theater

“Pirates of Penzance”
Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Book & Lyrics by Sir William Gilbert

Having been apprenticed by mistake at the age of eight to a roving band of mild-mannered pirates, Frederic has at last entered his twenty-first year and is free to go. Alas, his sense of moral duty insists he vanquish his poor plundering friends. Hurt to see Frederic depart and even more desperate to thwart his plans to shut down their harmless pirating, the Pirate King discovers a curious paradox that will keep Frederic legally indentured for another 60 years. Meanwhile, Frederic has fallen in love with the first young woman he's ever seen -- the flower Mabel -- and enlists the help of her blustery father to keep the lusty priates at bay until the police can arrive. A rollicking, swashbuckling adventure in free-for-all hilarity and dippy delight.

Performed by Battery Factory Theater
At Parish House Theater
Performances ran
Friday, October 17, 2003 thru Sunday, November 2, 2003
Ensemble.... Nathan Andersen
Ensemble.... Michael Antonucci
Ensemble.... Nicole Antonucci
Ensemble.... Christina Boateng
Ensemble.... Jan Carden
Ensemble.... Troy Cooper
Ensemble.... Tom Dean Has Bio
Ensemble.... Philippe Garcesto
Ensemble.... Deb Greenberg Has Bio
Ensemble.... Mary Hafeman
Ensemble.... Jason Jung
Ensemble.... Tom Jung
Ensemble.... David Kozo
Ensemble.... Matt Muench
Ensemble.... Kyle D. San Giovanni
Ensemble.... Jennifer Shark
Ensemble.... Pia Vanderstreet Has Bio
Ensemble.... Gregory Wright
Ensemble.... Kyle Younger Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Jimmy Blackman
Musical Direction by Francine Testa
Note: These recording are not of the productions list here, but of Broadway or Hollywood versions.