“Our Country's Good” at Circle Players

“Our Country's Good”
by Timberlake Wertenbaker

At the Sydney Cove penal colony in 1789, a young lieutenant directs rehearsals of the Restoration comedy "The Recruiting Officer" to celebrate the Kings' birthday. With only two copies of the text, a cast of convicts, opposition from sadistic officers, and a leading lady about to be hanged, the production is in trouble from the start... Winner of England's Olivier Award, "Play of the Year" and "Best New Play" Awards.

Performed by Circle Players
At Circle Playhouse.
Performances ran
Friday, February 27, 2004 thru Saturday, March 13, 2004
Arthur Philip.... Jamie More
Caesar.... John Webb
Dabby Bryant.... Lorraine Savoy
David Collins.... Phil Hochman Has Bio
Duckling Smith.... Mallory Pherson Has Bio
Harry Brewer.... Kevin Schwoebel
Jemmy Campbell.... Tristan Alexander More Has Bio
John Wisehammer / George Johnston.... Christopher W. Hall Has Bio
Meg Long / Reverend Johnson.... Pearl Gannett Has Bio
Ralph Clark.... Rob Woerner
Robbie Ross.... Al Contursi Has Bio
Robert Sideway / William Faddy.... Patrick Carpenter Has Bio Has photo
Scene Transition Voiceovers.... Steve Lawrence
Watkin Tench / Ketch Freeman.... Jason Florek
Will Dawes / John Arscott.... Frederick Cuozzo Has Bio
Mary Brenham.... Christie Leigh Green Has Bio
Mary Brenham.... Marion Sanders
Directed by Walter Placzek
Produced by Tricia Curran Has Bio
Produced by Joy Christopher More Has Bio
Scenic Design by Mark Taylor
Costume Design by Jeanne Woerner
Lighting Design by Kenny Savoy
Stage Managed by Jeanne Woerner
Properties by Lora Parker Has Bio
Properties by Jeanne Woerner